Bert Beagley-Brown

Founder of TOG Knives

) Bert Beagley-Brown

I’ve always loved kitchen knives. A good knife makes the ceremony of food preparation such a pleasure.

Travelling to Japan when I was younger got me so excited about the country. I loved the food. I loved how old and new were combined with such harmony. I loved how problems were solved in different and often better ways. I loved the country visually. It is beautiful.
When I got the opportunity to work in Seki and design kitchen knives it was like all my greatest passions had combined. I met Mr Hiromune Takaba, one of a handful of remaining Samurai wordsmiths in Japan. His stories blew my mind. I decided to work with craftsmen in Seki and bring some of their amazing work to the Western market. As a product designer, I set about trying to design the best knives in the world and TOG was born.

What keeps me interested in having to constantly learn things. Starting a brand with very little resource meant I had to do virtually everything myself. That has been such an amazing journey.
I completely love what I do and sometimes it’s hard to turn off but what a gift - to be so passionate about what I spend so much of my life doing.

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