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) Carlota

Passion was what pushed me to carry out my project. At first, the illusion of undertaking arises from the visualization of the project and how it will turn up. Then, over the years you continue exploring, experimenting and evolving.

Rusticae is a project that began in 1996 with the aim of participating in the recycling of the Spanish tourism industry and leading change. I pioneered the rural tourism industry when the Internet began its journey and despite the difficulties we have encountered in recent years and the obstacles we have had to overcome, I’ve never thought of quitting. Our website reflects the spirit of entrepreneurs; we have managed to keep on, to consolidate and I'm still enjoying it and constantly learning from it.

I believe that undertaking means betting on a dream and pursuing that dream is a source of personal and professional fulfillment, enrichment and inspiration.
For me, passion is the key to success in entrepreneurship. Is the essential fuel that allows us to continue. Let yourself do and don’t punish yourself when things do not go as planned.

Don Juancho

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