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) Enrique

For me sucess is having the possibility to dedicate your life to do the things that make you happy. My work is my passion, it is something that I would do in my free time, and I think that this is priceless.

A personal passion was what motivated me to found WeCollect. I have always been fascinated by art and colllecting, especially since I was a student in Art History. Back then, I didn’t have money to buy collection art pieces, so I had the idea to do it for others and to become an art consultant. For more than 10 years I worked as an art journalist, lecturing and participating in art conferences. That’s how I realised that galerists, as well as artists and collectors, were always looking for buyers. I understood that there was a huge demand for this kind of profile in the sector, and very little offer. Probably because, nowadays people are more and more interested in having nice and pretty things in their house, that mean something to

Collectors don’t appear overnight; it takes time and experience to become what they are meant to be.
Based on this, I decided to create a young consulting team, composed of experts with empathy and focus on a non-specialized public in this sector. In Spain, it is the first 360° consulting agency in this market, but in London, New-York or Berlin, where the art culture is much more developped, it’s more common. If you want to become a collector, it is essential to be well adviced, especially in this sector that is constantly evolving at an international level.

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