Denim Tailor

) Fernando

Finding my true calling was a big adventure. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to create a brand that combines design, durability and quality, a brand that I feel identified with.

In 2007, after studying in London, I started my carrier in the fashion world by creating my own brand: The Concrete. In its early beginnings, it was conceived as an extension of one of my passions: skateboarding. I used to design t-shirts and boards. In 2008, I started to feel bored about large-scale productions so I decided to reinvent myself. I became interested in traditionnal tailoring and started to learn this art in order to adapt it to my world. That’s how The Concrete was born, bespoke denim clothes, in which design, durability and quality are at the heart of the creation process. In 2012, this project finally took shape whith the opening of my first denim tailoring workshop in Madrid’s Malasaña district. Today we’re also present in Palma de Mallorca.

I only work by appointement, because I enjoy creating unique pieces based on the tastes and needs of each one of my customers.
The materials that I work with are premium quality cottons, imported from Japan, Italy or the United States. The dyes are handmade, using natural ingredients. Every piece takes around 10 to 12 hours to be produced, we choose the fabrics and every small details such as rivets, threads or buttons. Then, we pattern based on the customer’s measures and we cut with scissors. Finally, we baste, try the piece and we sew by hand. This is my art and my passion.

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