) Hagi

I am really passionate about barbering. I love it when my clients feel good about the way they look and call me big barber - It makes my day!

My passion is to create looks that will reflect my customer’s personality and that will put a smile on their face.
I started barbering 26 years ago now and I’ve learned the art through all of these years of practice. I think we live to learn and this is why I continue watching videos and looking for new trends around the art of barbering. My son was in charge of revamping our barbershop recently and he put the same enthusiasm and effort into creating an American retro design as I do each day for every haircut. I feel truly blessed that my profession has turned into a family business.

I have always dreamt of becoming an excellent barber and of opening my own barbershop to connect with people from different cultures.
I feel grateful to be able to live from my passion and to wake up every morning with the desire to go to work.

Don Juancho

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