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) Harris

What I enjoy the most in my job is to be in contact with people from different countries and various fields. Individuals -with visionary cravings- who seize the day with a constant passion and a galloping imagination.

My passions are fashion & travelling. Since I was little boy, these has been the path that I’ve chosen to communicate with the environment and set my aesthetic pulse to life. Working in the public relations field has gotten me closer to my true passion which is studying men’s fashion trends.

I launched my blog “In Icons We Trust” as a place where I can express my ideas about style and share the things that define my personality and connect me with the world.

I had the opportunity to study Business and Marketing in London and this led me to work experiences in the events and hospitality industry. Now I have my own PR agency in Greece, which I opened in partnership with my brother, and I feel very proud of what we have achieved together.
In my profession it is very important to dress your finest, and to always look the best you can. But for me, what really matters is to feel good with every piece I wear, and to reflect my personal style.

I travel a lot, I study, I read and go to the theater. Anything that can broaden my horizons is a top ingredient in the cocktail of life!
I believe everything comes from the mind. Taking the chances of stepping further out of our comfort zone is what makes us better.
Photo credits: Panos Davios

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