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I’m definitively not a planner, most of my decisions are made with my gut and are fairly fast and irrational. I believe trying something on a small scale and seeing if there is a demand for it is the quickest way to knowing if something has legs.

I started Rubies in the Rubble in 2012 after reading an article on food waste and being amazed by the scale and size of the problem - with 1/3 of all food produced being wasted, this did not seem sustainable. I then became obsessed with minimising food waste and having been brought up on a farm with my mother making preserves from any gluts in our fruit and veg garden, I too decided to start making chutneys, relishes and ketchups from fruit and veg that would otherwise be discarded. That was the start of Rubies in the Rubble - a brand of delicious products made from surplus - to raise awareness of the need to start valuing our food supply chain better. I can’t remember ever really making a decision to start Rubies, it was just something I was so passionate about that I couldn't not!

Food production has a large carbon footprints as it uses a lot of resources, energy and work to create it. And as every one of our products is packed full of delicious fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been discarded, the more jars we sell, the bigger the impact we can have.
I believe that as we struggle to sustainably feed a growing population and continue to waste 1/3 of all the food we produce, surely we need to manage what we have better first rather than continuing to waste and grow more. Therefore, I hope that every one of our products is not just a practical solution to fighting food waste but is also a symbolic vehicle for our message - to love your food, value what you have and make sure that nothing is wasted unnecessarily.

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