Pipe maker

) Johannes

My inspiration comes from traditions, history and the very material I am working with. Even the smell of wood gives me new ideas. 

Pipes have always been in my family and I have always loved them. I was only seven or eight years old, when I made my first pipe at my grandmother’s, who is one of the most famous pipe makers in the world: Anne-Julie.

Somehow, I have always known I was going to be a pipe maker. The official decision was only made one and a half year ago, but deep down I always knew.

A lot of people my age have a sensible focus on their future ... their education, future employment etc. I don’t. In fact, to some it may seem irresponsible that I have decided to follow my passion. After all, pipe making is a dying profession, but passions are not always rational and I know what I want. 

I am still an apprentice, but I am beginning to find my own expression. I have just launched a couple of my own designs and I cannot wait to launch more. It is a privilege making people – who still enjoy an occasional pipe or two – happy.

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