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I’m now going through a phase of my life where I’m looking for new things in order to start new projetcs. I still have a lot of achievments to make and aspects to improve. But I have faith in what I do and it gives me the energy I need to go where I want

I’ve always known that the man barbering was a vocation. It all started in 2001, when I started working for various hairdressers in Spain. My first personnal project was the opening of my own space in Valencia, where I was providing haircuts, shavings and selling cosmetics. Few years later, I became a Barber Ambassador for a men cosmetics brand and, at the same time, I was still working at my own space. In 2014, I decided to pursue my studies and I went to Varsovie where I applied at the barberian Academy & Barber Shop to perfect my knowledge in barbering.

With these experiences, the idea of starting my own business was more and more present in my mind. I wanted to have something I felt identified with and to be able to share and transmit my passion of the true barbering, with class and elegance. I wanted a concept that would go further than just aesthetic and offer a genuine experience, a philosophy of life
With the years passing by and with the experience I gained, I had the chance to broaden my horizons y settle in Norvegia. Today, I have two spaces in Oslo: Dapper Barber Shop and Pelspels Barber which is an innovative concept that also offers myxology. My goal isn’t just to offer a service but an innovative and satisfactory experience, that will go further than my customer’s expectations.

Don Juancho

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