) Roberto

I live my dream travelling around the world. I love having the freedom to choose where to go to and how long to stay depending on what fate will bring along.

The sky full of stars, the ocean, the sailing boat and a glass of Diplomático rum. It all proved a turning point in my life, the very moment I decided to follow my true one and only passion. I had a promising career as a project manager in the oil industry and in the meantime I had this great passion for sailing. I managed to do some sailing every now and then, whenever I had free time, but then I realized and wanted to go further and dedicate more time to my passion. So I decided to quit my job to embrace this love affair with the sea and live it to the fullest.

I work twelve hours a day, six days a week, in a boat. But in the evening, when I’m sitting in silence in the prow, with a glass of rum… I know this is the life I want to live.
Each time we leave the port and head out to the sea, I contemplate the immensity of the ocean, up to the point where the sky meets water; then I take a deep breath and I enjoy all this freedom that I got.

The Diplomats of a new era are fascinating individuals that share Diplomático Rum’s philosophy: do what you love and celebrate every moment of your life.