Photographer and tattoo Artist

) Simone

I’m moved by two great passions both bound to the world of images: photography and tattoo art.

I studied to be an architect and then I started to feel some sort of attraction for the tattooing world. But first, I started with photography when I was living in Madrid and I met very interesting people, from whom I learned a lot. Over the time, I managed to turn my passion into business.
Through the pictures I was taking, I began telling the stories of those young and strange dudes with painted skin, at the time when strange was not considered cool yet. That’s how I was able to combine my two passions, photography and tattooing. Today I do mainly fashion photo shoots, and celebrity portraits. I have even tattooed some of them myself.

I think creation is a continuous journey. As soon as I finish doing something, I feel the need to go further.
Both within the world of tattoos and photography, I’ve never found the perfect image. This is an endless research. At the very moment of taking the picture, it becomes old to me and I feel the need to look for something else.

The Diplomats of a new era are fascinating individuals that share Diplomático Rum’s philosophy: do what you love and celebrate every moment of your life.