Reserva Exclusiva

The Diplomat of exceptional taste

) Reserva Exclusiva

A complex and elegant rum with a distinct taste

My passion is bringing exceptional taste to every place where I go. I am carefully crafted from the purest of sugar cane honeys, aged to perfection, and honed by our Master Blender.

I offer irresistible aromas and a remarkable depth of flavor, with notes of sweet toffee fudge and a seductive, elegant finish. Marrying a unique body with excellent balance has made me a reference for the finest rum lovers and connoisseurs around the world.

My dream is to make people enjoy and celebrate those little moments of everyday life. Because the most memorable ones are those we never planned.
I am the proud legacy of a man who dreamed large: Don Juancho Meléndez, known to his friends simply as Don Juancho. It would bring a smile to his face to know that, today, I am considered one of the best rums in the world.

Don Juancho

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Discover our Tradition Range, the result of a unique rum-making style that combines Hispanic, American and British traditional distillation methods with the Maestro Ronero's experience and expertise.

The Diplomats of a new era are fascinating individuals that share Diplomático Rum’s philosophy: do what you love and celebrate every moment of your life.